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Dog Treat I.O.D Daily Essential - HIP, JOINT & BONE HEALTH

I.O.D Daily Essential - HIP, JOINT & BONE HEALTH

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This pumpkin-based treat made with blackberries, raspberries and ginger will naturally support hip, joint and bone health.


features + benefits

•   helps to support healthy joints and bones and reduce inflammation

•   100% all natural

•   gluten-free

•   no dairy, wheat, meat, added salt, corn, added sugar, or soy


what you should know

Blackberries and raspberries provide antioxidants that support overall health as well as help with arthritis and joint problems such as hip dysplasia. Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory for problematic and 
arthritic joints. Daily Essentials are whole food-based dog treats, which means all ingredients are obtained from whole food sources including grains, fruits, vegetables and herbs with no addition of 
synthetic vitamins, fillers or additives.










Package size: 14oz treats