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Bag & Carrier Ibiyaya Pet Carrier SafarI (Winter Limited)

Ibiyaya Pet Carrier SafarI (Winter Limited)

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Max. Loading  6kg
Material  EVA
G.W  1200g
Size  L46 W30 H32 (cm)
Outfit  Saftey leash x1 / Shoulder Belt / Removable inner padding

◆ This hard case pet carrier is space saving for the transportation 
    with Eco-friendly deisng when folds up.
◆ Protected from any harmful effects and passed SGS quality test.
◆ Super light weight.
◆ Stress-crack resistance and water proof properties which made by 
    EVA foam material.
◆ Top ventilation and visibility.
◆ Collapsible for easy storage.
◆ With handle carry and shoulder strap for away or at home.
◆ Thoughtful design: easy to attach the diaper on inner cushion or