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House & Cage & Bed Túi mang cún size Lớn (Pog,Toy Poodle, Chihuahua..)

Túi mang cún size Lớn (Pog,Toy Poodle, Chihuahua..)

BNB The Traveler Weekender

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Inspired by antique trunks used for extended trips by stagecoach, train or steamships. Our Traveler Weekender puts a new eco-friendly spin on old world charm. The fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, bamboo rafters and an organic cotton absorbent liner.

  • Small: 16″W x 9″H x 9″D. For pets up to 14″L x 7″H. Maximum weight: 8lbs
  • Medium: 18″W x 10″H x 10″D. For pets up to 16″L x 9″H. Maximum weight: 16lbs
  • Large: 20″W x 11″H x 11″D. For pets up to 18″L x 10″H. Maximum weight: 22lbs